If you have watched the news, presidential speeches or stock watch channels in the past two years you probably have noticed that CEO’s of most major companies have been more visible than ever before. The reason for the increased accessibility of company leaders is simple, TRUST! With the loss of consumer trust and confidence prior to and during the recession these leaders are standing in front of the camera with a genuineness and transparency that has not been seen in modern business times. The result of this effort has been captured in a recent study by Edelman Inc.

Of those surveyed, 54% trust US companies. This is an increase of 18% and is closely followed by a 46% increase in trust factor of our government. By now you may be asking, “So what in the world does this have to do with my dealership, Terry?” The side effect of this for car dealers is clear: consumers now expect to hear from the leaders, owners and stakeholders in a business and yes, this includes car dealers. Dealer Principals and General Managers need to get involved to regain trust now! Have genuine conversations, tell your story and interact with consumers through Social Media. Remember, Social Media is nothing new for YOU. It is the same thing you have been doing face to face with customers at your store for years. You just need to expand that behavior to the digital world. Please leave your comments on this blog and be sure to follow all of the Liquid Motors authors on Twitter and Facebook today.