Everyone is talking about Social Media and how much impact it will have on your business in the future. If you disagree, think about this for a minute: It is widely known that baby boomers have been the economic engine of the US and even the world economy for 25+ years. Would you be surprised to know that the most powerful group of buyers is just starting to enter the world of Social Media interaction?

Baby boomers are starting to embrace smartphones and mobile internet and their growing rate of acceptance is mirrored by their use of Social Media sites. Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so, and here is why. As the boomers start to retire and travel more their desire to stay in contact with family/grandkids and career long business colleagues is inevitable (I call this the “family factor”), hence the need for social interaction sites and mobile access to them. For this blog I interviewed Kevin McAllister, President of San Diego Wireless, one of the top 10 cellular resellers in the US, and he had some interesting comments. “In my business I do see an increase in the baby boomer age group moving toward smartphones and most are asking my tech guys to help them set up their Facebook and Twitter accounts on the phone at the time of purchase.”

Facebook users over 55 have gone from under 1 million to nearly 6 million this past summer and currently there are more Facebook users over the age of 55 than high school students using the site! In addition to this “initial wave” you need to realize that traditionally baby boomers are slower than other groups to embrace new technologies, but I for one think that when the “family factor” comes into play the speed this group will adapt is astronomical. See this recent iPhone commercial as confirmation.

Now that you have gotten this far let me pull all of this together for some real value. I remember in Marketing 101 my professor said something like, “If you want to be a successful marketer, start off by marketing where people are.” That holding true, are you going to be there when the boomers show up? An analogy would be a fisherman dropping his net prior to the fish running up the river versus hearing the fish are running and then going out to drop his net. Drop your Social Media nets now! Please leave your comments on this blog and be sure to follow all of the Liquid Motors authors on Twitter and Facebook today.