Here are the changes that were announced in January.

Fee Changes Implemented March 30, 2010

eBay Motors will remain an industry leader with the lowest cost per lead. We are rebalancing price structure to be inline with how vehicles dealers actually do business. We understand that majority of sales take place off of eBay and believe that this is a natural sales process. All our Dealers, especially new dealers, will enjoy not having to pay a Successful Listing Fee in order to collect valuable eBay feedback. We understand the UPI process is cumbersome and we wanted to reduce need for them to filed. UPIs may still be filed for feedback reasons, relists, and to report malicious bidders.

Here are the highlights for Vehicles Sellers::

  1. Everyone will continue to be able to list 4 vehicles FREE every 12 months with no Insertion Fees for Auction-style or Fixed Price. We’re changing the Successful Listing Fee on these items sold at $2000 or less to $60. The Successful Listing Fee for these items sold for greater than $2000 will continue to be $125.
  2. After the 5th listing we’re changing the Cars and Trucks, RVs & Campers, and Commercial Trucks fees to a $50 Insertion Fee and $0 Successful Listing Fee. Motorcycles, Powersports, Boats, Trailers and Other Vehicles now all have an Insertion Fee of $20, plus a Successful Listing Fee. The Successful Listing Fee will be $30 for vehicles sold for $5000 or less and $60 for vehicles sold for more than $5000.
  3. We are also changing feature fees for 10 & 21 day listing duration, BIN, Bold, Bolder, Icon and a few others. Reserve with remain unchanged at $7.

Here is a link to all of the fee changes::

Top-rated seller status for Motors Vehicles

Since Vehicles sellers have a different sales frequency and Dealers are held to industry-accepted performance standards we’ve decided to introduce unique requirements for eBay Motors Vehicles sellers. eBay Top-rated sellers in Motors Vehicles will get a prominent Top-rated seller badge on their listings , increased visibility on their fixed priced listings in best match search results , and 20% off any Successful Listing Fees. Here are the details::

    * Vehicle sellers with accounts in good standing, 40 or more vehicle transactions every 12 months, high positive feedback rating & DSRs and who have been registered for at least 90 days can qualify.

    * Top-rated seller status requirements for vehicle sellers will not include shipping DSRs. However, there will be a maximum number of Vehicle Purchase Protection claims a seller may have to be Top-rated. DSRs on Item As Described and Communication will also be important.

    * Only vehicle transactions with U.S. buyers will count.

    * Starting in September 2010 on and eBay Motors, the PowerSeller icon or references to the PowerSeller designation can no longer be included in listing templates, listing descriptions, About Me pages, or eBay Stores pages. This will ensure clear differentiation for eBay Top-rated Vehicle sellers.

To help your dealer’s reach Top-rated seller status, we recommend the following Best Practices::

  • Encourage Dealers to close at least 40 vehicle transactions with U.S. buyers within 12 months. The $0 Successful Listing Fee after 4 vehicles is making it so Dealers don’t have to pay Successful Listing Fees to reach this goal.
  • Help them avoid receiving 1s and 2s on the Item as Described and Communications DSRs by teaching them how to build robust descriptions and ensuring quick & complete eBay lead delivery.  
  • Dealers will need to maintain a low rate of Vehicles transactions that result in a Vehicle Purchase Protection claim filed against them over 12 months. Making sure your Dealer’s listings provide accurate descriptions, options, condition and vehicle history can all help avoid these claims.
  • Make sure your templates are comply with eBay Selling Practices policy requirements. Here are the details:
    • Provide accurate and consistent details regarding their items, including item condition and product details.
    • Include only relevant terms and conditions. Violations would include conflicting information in a listing, failure to uphold stated terms, or a disclaimer of seller responsibility to deliver the item as described in the listing.
    • Ensure that the vehicles are available for sale for the entire duration of the listing. If a vehicle has been sold on the lot please remove it from eBay ASAP.
    • Listings (template or manual description) cannot include comments that undermine confidence in the marketplace, such as comments expressing negativity toward buyers or the selling process. I’ve provided more detail on this below.
  • Monitor their account status to ensure their account isn’t on hold or suspended.

Find more info on the program here::

I would be very interested to get your feedback on these changes: good, bad or otherwise so please leave your comments.