In an effort to maximize your efforts on eBay, you should understand how someone goes about finding your vehicles on that site. You may not realize that most people using the search box on eBay are searching your title only. So, if you are not customizing your titles to include the most common search terms for your vehicles, you could be missing leads. You may not realize also that there is a title and a subtitle and both are included in that search. Here is an example of a title and subtitle on eBay:

toyota title example

What’s important is to think like a consumer when customizing that title. If this is hard for you to do, then ask your spouse or a friend to tell you how they would search for a vehicle online that they are interested in. We as car people know that certain features are standard on some vehicles, but you might be surprised to find that consumers do not know that. All they know is that they want a certain vehicle with certain features. So this leads them to include those in their search. Here is an example of a Toyota Camry. By including the word leather, you can dramatically reduce your competition.

camry title search example

camry title search example 2

As you can see including leather in the title in this example, there were 35 vehicles that were found; however, excluding leather meant your vehicle can certainly be lost in a crowd of 8,225 other listings.

Knowing and understanding how different sites are searched can help you maximize your potential on those sites. Giving your listings more relevance and eliminating some competition is certainly key in generating more leads.

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