I am often asked if a dealer should or should not use auto responders. Many dealers set up auto responders so that customers get an email immediately in response to their inquiry sent to a dealer. This is a good practice, as it lets the customer know that their email was received. There is nothing more frustrating than to send an email, never get a response back, and then wonder if the intended recipient actually got the email. I have had some ask, “Why would you set up an auto responder when you should just email the person yourself once you get the email?” Unfortunately, with many Internet salespeople wearing multiple hats at the dealership, that is not always an option. Auto responders serve a purpose, but you should try to make them as personal as possible. Let that customer know that their email is important, and you will respond to it as soon as you are able. Most auto responders simply say something like, “thank you for your inquiry, someone will be with your shortly”. This type of auto responder does nothing more than let the customer know that their email was received. Let me show you a custom auto responder that Liquid Motors could set up for you, “Dear Mr. Matt Jones, Thank you for your bid on our 2005 Ford F150 King Ranch currently on eBayMotors. My goal is to contact you inside the next hour to give you a detailed walk around description of this vehicle and answer all of your questions. I am currently assisting another eBay customer but your inquiry is very important to me.” Thank you Bill Salesman, LM Ford 800-581-2884.

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