Now that you have a basic understanding of how search engines find and analyze the keywords in your content, tags and titles after last weeks blog you may be ready to ask another common question.

How many Key Word Targets Are Too Many Keywords on One Page?
The general rule of thumb is two or three keyword phrases per page. Here’s why:
It’s the repeating patterns that make keywords stand out as important. Put too many repeating patterns (keywords) into your page content and suddenly, nothing stands out. In other words, if you try to tell a search engine that five or six phrases are all “important” by using them often in your content, the engine is likely to decide none of your words are important.
If you look at this example of text, you can easily see “Toyota Camry” standing out.

toyota camry text

However, if I show you a section of text that includes all three of my example phrases you’ll notice there are so many things trying to stand out, that nothing stands out.

toyota camry stand out text

What happens here is a jumble of keywords all competing for attention. The engine can’t sort out which one is the most important in your page of content and your keywords lose all effectiveness.

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