Most searches on classified sites are done by title only unless the user opts in for title and description. The primary example is eBay where 99% of all searches are done by title. It is critical to understand the way each site you advertise on produces search results on their site. Craigslist is a great example of a site that searches both title and description as the default search. I have run a few searches below to show how this can be unitized in your marketing efforts.

Here is an example where 2003 was used and 18 results returned:

Craigslist Dodge Caravan

Here 03 is used instead of 2003 and you can see only 7 different results were returned:

Again Chevrolet versus Chevy you can see below:

Craigslist Chevrolet vs. Chevy

Craigslist Chevy Truck

The point of these examples is simple WHY not make sure your vehicles show up in BOTH forms of the search! Need help doing this correctly post your comment, tweet your question or contact your Liquid Motors account manager for a walk through.

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