We have discussed ways to make sure your online listings are found but what happens after that? Important listing information like good photos and vehicle data are vital, and we have also covered those elements, but what sets your listing apart; what convinces the customer they need to contact you and buy from you?

With the resources that exist today, customers have access to hundreds of potential vehicles to choose from so you need to utilize every tool at your disposal to make yours stand out. As I mentioned, the first part of this is getting your listing in front of them – good SEO, good photos, good data, listing on all of the major sites. Being found is only part of the battle though; you must leave an impression on the customer. Think about the television ads you may run. You would never spend the money to buy TV ad time and just have a plain looking person read off a list of your cars in a monotone voice. ‘We have a 2009 Lexus RX350 for $34,000 – come buy it’ ‘We have a 2008 Toyota Camry for $17,000 – come buy it’ etc… Your TV ads will have something in them to grab people’s attention: a slogan, witty saying, crazy outfits, background props, melodramatic voices – in a word: personality. Why wouldn’t you do the same thing with your online listings?

Consider making your listing reflect your personality – your colors, your logo, your slogan, etc… Using a customized template for sites such as eBay and Craigslist can make this a very simple process for you. Then consider adding a brief bio of the dealership and yourself. What is the dealership known for, how long have you been in business, how involved are they in the community? What does the salesperson look like? A picture of the salesperson may seem trivial but it can add a sense of confidence to the customer when they know what the person they are talking to looks like. The point is to make the effort to put the customer more at ease with their decision to contact you or even send you their contact information. It is much easier to pull the trigger on an email containing your phone number when you have some idea of who is going to receive that email.