In my last blog I explained the 3 ways to kill a prospect. The first 2 scenarios I will discuss today and leave the 3rd alone as you

know what to do there.

The first scenario was this:

1) You’re not getting the lead in the first place or the lead is not received in a timely fashion.

When is the last time you sent in a test lead?

Out of the 10 inquiries I sent in, only 4 dealers responded back. Which means I did not get a response from 6 dealers!

Those 6 that I did not receive a response from were based off inquires that I sent through their website. Which made me wonder if they

received the lead in the first place? So make sure you are sending in test leads on a regular basis!

From the 4 that did respond, only 2 sent me more then one email! Out of those 2 dealers, one sent me 8 follow-up emails. Which brings me

to the second scenario:

2) Your dealership has no process in place for when leads come in.

How soon do you have to respond after the lead comes in?

What information is required in the response?

Is the response email, phone or both?

What are your additional follow-ups and when?

Almost immediately I received a response from 2 of the dealers that read like this:

example lead letter
(Click to enlarge)

And this:

example lead letter 2
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Both of these examples are automated responses from the Internet Director at the dealerships. The first example was based off the question,

“How much is this vehicle”?. Like I said I received a response immediately but if you read what was sent you will see that my question

wasn’t answered. The second example was a response based off the same question. The email was good but the content still left me wondering,

how much is the car? Then you have to ask yourself what is more important: how quickly you get back with a prospect or the content of the

message you send?

Aside from the immediate responses not really answering my questions; I did receive additional follow up from both dealers. My favorite

one was this:

example lead letter 3
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Why you ask?? Because she is creating a needs analysis and trying to find out more about me and not just continue to focus on the one

particular vehicle I inquired about. However, she should have started the email out with information on the vehicle and then asked the

questions. I think people get tied up in the one vehicle that a prospect is inquiring about and they forget one of the most important things:


She continued to follow up with me via email 6 more times until I finally told her that I was no longer looking to purchase. One of her

last emails to me was this:

Example lead letter 4
(Click to enlarge)

What was strange about the email was that she said she tried to reach me via phone and I never gave her my phone number. At that point maybe I

was receiving automated emails? I appreciated her emails as they were friendly and not pushy but consistent at the same time.

With all of the good emails I received there were a few not so good ones. Like this one:

Example lead letter 5
(Click to enlarge)

I emailed the question via a listing he had on Craigslist. It took 5 days for the dealer to respond and when they did the response did not

include any of the pictures I requested and actually told me to go to their website to view the video. What the dealer should have responded

with was photos attached to the email and a link to the video included. You have to remember to keep it simple and easy for the customer and

include the information they not only ask for but also include the additional information you want them to see.

Here is another email that was not so great:

Example lead letter 6
(Click to enlarge)

I asked what the safety features were on the vehicle above. What the dealer should have responded with was the safety notes from the VIN

explosion and then add that its one of the safest vehicles on the road plus a few photos and a video if available.

The next dealer followed up with me multiple times but take a look at his signature:

Example lead letter 7
(Click to enlarge)

Make sure you have a signature block that is viewable when responding to a prospect. Again make it easy for them to get in touch with you!

As I said in the beginning, I am not going to cover the 3rd scenario, as it speaks for it’s self, but to refresh everyone’s memory

here it is:

3) You have a process and the process is not being followed.

Look at retraining personnel and/or new personnel.

After doing this little experiment I asked my friends, whom some have recently purchased a vehicle, why they purchased where they did. The overall response I received was that they didn’t purchase from the dealer that had the best price but rather purchased from the place that either called or emailed them back.

As I mentioned in Part 1, this “experiment” was conducted a year ago. I thought it would be fun to follow up with these dealers and secret shop them again and see how they are doing now. So stay tuned for my next series of blogs in August for the results!

As always, I would love any comments from you!