As I work with dealers every day reviewing leads that are coming in and calls they are taking, I am often surprised at some of the things I observe. I was listening to a call the other day where a customer called in asking the dealer about a particular vehicle in his inventory, and the dealer was on his cell away from the dealership. First of all, the dealer acted like the customer was bothering him, but also made no effort to get the customer an answer to his question. Also recently during some secret shopping that we are doing for our upcoming August 5th advanced training on lost leads, we were told by a dealer to go to his website for more information on a car we were interested in. He did not give us a link and really did not seem concerned about whether or not we got the info we were inquiring about at all. I say this, to say this…if a customer is calling or emailing you about a vehicle, don’t just give them directions. Actually take them to where you want them to go. If you are on a call, why not ask for their email so you can send them some links to your website to see some vehicles that might interest them? Don’t just tell them to go there and have fun searching for what they want. Also, do the same in an email inquiry that you are responding to. Lead the customer where you want them to go.

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