Your website is your store front. It is a 24 hour commercial. When maintained correctly; it maximizes the dealership’s advertising dollar. To keep it attractive and exciting to your customers, it does not have to be bright, loud and flashy, with every item on the page moving and making noise. Flashy and moving items become expensive and only after the second time of visiting your website, it becomes an annoyance to you and the customer. Text with a few graphics here and there, with links are the best way to go considering your SEO. Remember your website is not to enhance a person’s life with all the expensive and flashy stuff you can think to add, but to advertise and sell products.

Not only focus on selling vehicles online but bring your parts and service departments to the forefront as well. Selling parts online, ordering specialty items or other items your customer may not know you sell or can order, potentially can bring the masses to your door. If your site does not have the ability to sell parts directly online ask your website provider how to do so.
List old “new stock” online, overstock items, and list your hard to find items and specialty items. Customers love to have original parts in their vehicles but sometimes settle for aftermarket because of the lack of availability. Advertise it everywhere, people scour the Internet looking for OEM parts, and by letting people know they can buy items from the dealership online saves them time! At the same time providing this service for customers improves your website search statistics. In short, if people know that your website has the ability to order parts directly, it will save time and effort, generate extra money for your store, improve your SEO and generate phone calls.

When you think of a car dealership website, you think of vehicles, parts and services. To keep it attractive and exciting to your customers you can break from the normal sterile everyday boring website every now and then, think outside of the box. Offer something out of the ordinary; a break from the mundane; specials coupons, and incentives.
Incentives, Specials and coupons such as – push or pull specials, highest mileage competitions, detailing and car washing specials… “Free car washing day between x-time and x-time.” … Have dirty car competitions, bikini wash day or hunk in Speedo wash your car day. All of these simple yet effective promotions will bring many potential buyers. Buy a car and register to win 30 seconds in a wind machine grabbing all the money you can, … You can advertise these on radio (See or website for our weekly monthly or bi monthly special event)…or TV( with scrolling text at the bottom of the screen.). But always direct the customer to the website for more information. If you have the ability to make your site more customized than the standard everyday car dealer website, add some exciting promotions and incentives for your dealership. Take advantage of it online.

Get your BDC involved in your community. You can allow various events to be advertised or be mentioned on your site but have the organization promote it..… Call it your Community Happenings page. Allow community programs with a little league or the boy/girl scouts to come out and hold an event on the lot. Let them advertise it and you host it on your dealership website. Example… Go to THIS car dealerships website for more information…And Create the page for them. Most website companies will not charge you much, if they charge at all to add a page such as this. Create an icon/link on the home page of your site and link it to your community page. On the community page have links to your specials/ incentives or inventory. Make your site community friendly just by adding a simple page such as this. Now everyone sees how community oriented you are and they will browse your inventory just to see what you have to offer.

These small things will not only attract potential buyers but will improve your dealerships reputation and cost you pennies if any at all. Worst case scenario, your dealership could be sought after by various organizations because you will list something on your site for them. How much traffic could that bring to you?