This blog will have two areas I will cover and both are important to selling on social media sites.

We have been saying for some time that if you offer exclusive promotions on your social media sites, make your efforts fun and engaging and provide your fans with the latest or useful information you will have success on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Some of you have listened and are seeing increases in fans/followers and even sales.

Google has recently conducted a study that backs up what we have known. According to Google’s latest research, only 50% of Facebook users “friend” brands; this means that more than half of users don’t friend brands, and the ones who do generally just friend one or two.

facebook friend brands

Here is the part that really is the meat and potatoes of the study, “For the consumers who do friend your brand, what are they looking for? Discounts!”


The key now is to revamp your social media strategy or create a social media strategy that focuses on the areas shown to be important to your potential fans.

I would also like to share some ideas on how to generate sales leads from your social media efforts. I have seen hundreds of Facebook and Twitter pages and most of the posts or tweets are self promoting. None of us like to go on our own Facebook or Twitter pages and see car after car with links to videos. So before you try my, “how to get sales leads” you need to clean that up. Use the Liquid Motors Facebook Application that will move your inventory to a tab easily seen by any of your fans that are INTERSTED in a car at that time. Use the Coupon tab to promote your service, parts and sales promotions for fans who are INTERSTED in them. So know you have your wall cleaned up, give this a try! WAIT, I know you have not cleaned your wall yet and don’t try this without cleaning the wall as it will not leave a positive impression! Ready – Try a question to your fans – If you could pick one accessory to add to your vehicle right now what would it be? When people respond with – Rear Entertainment Center or Running Boards you have quality leads. You can expand the questions from their, finance, new cars, used cars etc. This will work! Good luck to all of you and please feel free to leave feedback or comments.