Recently I was asked, “Why do vendors, trainers, consultants, OEM’s always point out the things dealers are doing wrong versus highlighting what we are doing right?”

This got me thinking and I promised the person I would do my best to point out the positive in my next blog. As I thought about this month’s blog it got me thinking about many different times I have seen the negative being pointed out versus the positive. Any of you that have watched a high level sports practice with that type of coach understands what I am saying. My 17 year old All America baseball catcher asked me this just last week and all I could say is, “just be glad Coach only had 2 things to point out instead of 10. I guess that means you are doing more right than wrong.”

This conversation with Austin opened my eyes to why the positive is not pointed out more often and the focus is generally on the negative. Some people would say that the industry has fear mongers everywhere and use fear to sell their service or products but I have a different thought. In order to stay in business you must make money and dealers that are in business and making money must be doing a tremendous amount of things right! The list is so long of the things successful dealers are doing that it is just plain easier to point out the negative. Plus, I have never seen any business write a check for someone to come in to point out the things that are already working.

I want to keep this simple and showcase things that dealers are doing right everyday, so here they are.

1. Training
Dealers train and if you’re reading this at a dealership you know what I mean. Dealers train on product, software, sales training heck I think they may even train to train (LOL). This is a very expensive commitment to doing the right thing.

2. Customization
I see more and more dealers taking advantage of their ability to customize their marketing message. At Liquid Motors we offer all of our dealers a free custom banner, custom eBay template and custom window sticker. Taking advantage of this allows you to show a consistent and professional marketing message and is truly doing it the right way.

3. Photography
With the numerous case studies we have done along side companies like eBay, and our dealers we have passed on the secret to vehicle photography and dealers are listening. The basics are 40+ photos per vehicle. I know, I know 40, WHAT? I can assure you this is the solution you are looking for. Presentation, taking pictures in a well lighted area, staging the car, taking the same series of photos for each vehicle is critical to a professional looking listing. Bottom line is they are taking high quality photos and it is paying off.

4. They DO
Every dealer that I have shown a best practice and provided proof to that best practices success has done it! I have never met a dealer that was scared to try anything that makes sense to them and they can see the documentation backing it up. I can assure you not every industry is that way.

5. Pricing vehicles competitive
No longer are the days of marking a vehicle up $4,000 over your cost and throwing it on the lot in a pricing bucket and hoping for the best. Today dealers use high quality pricing analysis tools like the Liquid Motors Accudata Pricing Analysis tool. Having your inventory priced to the current marketing from day 1 leads to faster inventory turns and increased vehicle profit.

I know I am missing an enormous amount of items such as, keeping their dealer website fresh to super fast response times, please take this as a compliment. Any dealership, sales professional and employee that is still “making it happen” should take pride that in today’s economy you are DOING IT THE RIGHT WAY!