Put simply traffic means nothing if it does not convert into business. You can driver traffic to your website all day long but if it is not converting into some sort of call to action whether it is a phone call, a request for more information, or a general inquiry on your website it is time to re-evaluate a few key points.

1. Focus on the Long Tail
a. While it would be nice to show up #1 on the major search engines for the keyword Honda (if you are a Honda dealer) you will more than likely get interest from a far wider range of searchers than if you were to focus your efforts on the longer tail of search engine marketing. By this we mean by focusing your efforts on more specific keywords or phrases which will more likely catch people further down the buying funnel than if you focus your efforts on a more generic set of key terms. If you seem to be getting a lot of traffic and little conversions it might be time to re-evaluate the keywords that you are focusing your efforts on.

2. Website issues and Conversions
a. This should need no explanation however I will touch on it because of its importance in ensuring higher conversion rates. If your website is extremely busy and hard to navigate you run the risk of people not being able to locate the information that they were visiting your website for in the first place. For example, if you are running a Google Ad Words campaign for a particular key term you should take the visitor that clicked on your advertisement to a landing page or page on your website that has the information that they are looking for. Why would you spend all of your time and money to get that person to your website only having them bail out due to the frustration of having to click on six different pages to get the information they want. Furthermore, poorly designed websites that look outdated or visually unappealing lack the stickiness factor needed to keep people on your website.

In sum think of your website as your virtual storefront…you would not want a bunch of construction going on in your dealerships lobby on a busy Saturday and the same goes for your website.

At Liquid Motors we have worked hard to incorporate into our custom designed dealer websites a platform that ensures a solid foundation for creating and maintaining a successful website. Our OptiSite auto dealer websites come equipped with a built in architecture to ensure that your site shows up on the first three pages of search results on major search engines. Furthermore, through advanced usability testing we fully understand the most optimal site layouts and navigational structure needed to keep potential customers on your website and increase the conversions coming from your online marketing campaigns.

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