So now that I have you thinking “out of the box” let me give you some examples of events that your dealership can host! Did you know that you can call Carter Bloodcare or the American Red Cross, for example, and sign up to host a blood drive at your dealership? They will even provide you with all of the marketing material! Check out this dealer group that host’s blood drives on a quarterly basis. Or how about hosting a child safety event? Did you know that kids should be in a car seat or booster until they can be seated properly in a seatbelt? For most kids, this is around 8 years old or 4′ 9″ tall! Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website and type in your zip code for local inspection stations. Then get in contact with those places and ask them to participate in a car seat check at your dealership. You can offer free car seat inspections and they can enter to win a free car seat while they are there! You can partner a car seat check with a child fingerprinting station. Call your local police station and fire station and ask them to come out for the event and have them take pictures with the kids while they are there! If you are a GM dealer you might already be participating in something like this. In 1997 General Motors Foundation partnered with Safe Kids Buckle Up to help educate the importance of child passenger safety. For more information check out their website at Check back next week for more examples of events that you can host and ideas on how to market the events.