Google Instant is the latest enhancement Google has made to their search engine. There are a few visible changes with this enhancement with the most obvious being the real-time updated list of search results as you type.

If you go to and start typing a search term, you will quickly see this demonstrated. The returned results update quickly and this allows you to stop typing as soon as you see what you want.

Another visible change you will see as you type is that Google will ‘guess’ at the word and phrase you are going to type. The search engine best guess is displayed in gray in the search bar and additional results are displayed below. You have the ability to select any of these best guesses using the keyboard arrow keys and the displayed results will update accordingly.

Below is a Google video demonstrating their new search functionality:

Depending on your personal tastes, Google Instant can be a mix of fun to play with, visually stimulating, seizure inducing, or just a plain distraction. However, you must always keep in mind that your website must meet the needs of as many potential customers as possible. While your opinion matters, the opinions of countless potential customers (think revenue) are critical. With that in mind, how will your Google Instant affect your website?

To put it simply, Search Engine Optimization becomes even more important. Previously, when someone searched on Google, they had to type in their entire search phrase and then they would receive a single set of search results. Now, they are receiving many more potential results as they type. So your site needs to rank well on multiple key words in order to maximize your visibility.

It is important to keep in mind the algorithms Google uses to rank their search results are still in effect. So attempting to keyword spam will not benefit you any more than it did before. You need to have your site properly optimized with valid content, page urls, alt tags, and all the other critical pieces of SEO that were important before.

Google Instant may change the way some people search but websites designed and hosted by Liquid Motors are already optimized to take full advantage of these latest changes.