What if I told you that it’s not all about the sales department? Gasp! I know it’s hard to believe since the main focus at any dealership tends to be selling cars but let’s not forget the other part of a dealership…the service department. So let’s now discuss events that will drive people into the service department but at the same time help out the community. Here in Dallas we the North Texas Food Bank. In every community there is probably something similar but you can contact them and they will provide you with collection boxes that you can put on the service drive and on the showroom floor. You can then send out a marketing campaign to all of you customers letting them know that you are partnering with the local food bank and for every 3 cans of food they bring in, when they come in for service, they will receive $5.00 off their oil change or maybe even offer a FREE oil change! On the sales side you can promote a “Stuff the Truck” campaign and park a truck on your showroom floor with the goal being of filling up the truck with canned goods! Check out this dealer that did a “Stuff the Truck” campaign for school supplies, a great alternative to canned food. The Salvation Army is another wonderful organization to partner with. Get in touch with your local chapter and sign up to sponsor an onsite Angel Tree. Again you can offer discounts on service and you can tie in the sales department by offering a discount on the purchase of a new or used vehicle when they sponsor a family. Now here in Dallas it doesn’t get too terribly cold but in some parts of the country temperatures can drop below 0…brr! So if you reside in those chilly parts of the United States think about hosting a coat drive. Same concept as the canned food drive but for coats. And let’s not forget about Toys for Tots another great organization. Did you know they also have Cars for Tots?? How great would you feel if your dealership was able to donate a vehicle to a family in need???

Hopefully these last few blogs have sparked some interest and has made you think about ways your dealership can help out the community this holiday season and maybe even year round. If you are planning on hosting any of these events or partnering with any of these charities make sure you get in touch with them immediately and set a date. The holidays sneak up on all of us and most of these charities stop collecting food, toys, coats etc. on a certain date so they have enough time to deliver the items to those receiving them. By starting early it will also give you enough time to send out email campaigns, notify the local TV stations, send text messages and direct mail campaigns letting your customers know about the event.