When it comes to marketing any event you need to make sure everyone at the dealership is promoting it as well as making sure you are utilizing all of your marketing outlets to the fullest. No event will ever be successful unless everyone is doing their part. The great thing about partnering with some of the charities I mentioned is that they will provide most of the marketing materials so all you have to do is promote the event. Don’t forget to talk to them about it when you are speaking with them! So call your website provider and have them create a banner to display on your home page. Create email campaigns to send out to your customer base letting them know about the event. If you have the ability to send out text campaigns do that as well..but don’t forget to keep the message short and sweet! Post signs at the dealership on the showroom floor and on the service drive and make sure everyone knows details about the event so they can tell everyone they talk to. Another idea is having your receptionist mention it when he/she answers the phone. Now that I have given you examples of events that you can host at your dealership, what are you waiting for?? Not only will you be helping out your community but also selling and servicing a few cars along the way.