At Liquid Motors we continually train our dealers on doing the basics when it comes to Internet marketing…high quality photos with the proper angle, flow and lighting and most importantly plenty of them, 30+, custom vehicle descriptions and customized titles for SEO on all vehicles. These 3 things are key to your Internet marketing success, and Show More, Tell More, Sell More is a slogan to remember. If you are a dealer who is not doing these things or are not doing them well, it’s never too late to start, and start NOW! When trying to correct something you have been doing wrong seems overwhelming, take a step back and take those changes slowly. Hey walk before you run. If you do just one thing better today than you did yesterday you are much better off, and more importantly, you have started to lay the ground work for proper Internet marketing. Let’s say you have 150 vehicles in inventory, make an effort to update 10 a day until they are all caught up. If you focus on those 10 and any new vehicles you bring in, in a little over 2 weeks you will be caught up and enjoying the results of your efforts. If you are already doing a great job with your preowned vehicles, then you should move your process over to your new vehicles. If you want to run with the big dogs, you are going to have to photo your new vehicles as well. Don’t think you have to be perfect tomorrow because you don’t, but you should at least try to be a little better than you were the day before and continue that process. If you need help establishing a process or want to see the studies behind this type of advice please give us a call today. I guarantee if you: Show More and Tell More, you will Sell More!