Facebook is all the rage these days. To some people FB is old news, college kids have been on FB for years, but to others, in particular businesses, it is the new “must have”. We recently rolled out our Facebook feature and I have received numerous calls from customers wanting to know all about it. While I am happy to share and get them all excited about it I always tell them the one thing to keep in mind before jumping on the bandwagon, so to speak, is to decide who at the dealership is going to manage the page. After all there is no sense in adding all the bells and whistles to your page if no one is going to promote it, update it daily and actually encourage people to “like” your page. That is how business pages work. People have to “like” your page. So now you are thinking to yourself how can I get people to “like” my page? Easy, at the point of sale, at the delivery of the vehicle, on the service drive, in the parts department. Basically anywhere and everywhere! Tell them that by “liking” your page they will receive special sale information, coupon offers, recall information etc that they can’t get anywhere else. So if you are going to have a FB page go all out and do it right! Don’t just create a page and post one status update and hope that people will see it…keep it fresh and exciting!