Lately I have been really noticing the photos that dealers are taking. It is across the board and you never know what you are going to get. Some dealers knock it out of the park and then there are those that look like they could care less about photos and it shows…literally! My question is…if you are going to either pay someone to take your photos or take them yourself why would you accept anything less then perfection?? There are lot service companies out there that send multiple people out to a dealership to take pictures and each photographer takes pictures a different way, with the car facing in different directions and in some cases in different sizes! Why? I was looking at one of our dealers photos the other day and over 75% of his inventory was without photos! That is unacceptable! The great thing about the Liquid Motors tool is that you can upload your own photos to the portal…and all at once I might add. So if you have a car sitting on the lot that has been there for days and is still without photos grab your camera and starting snapping away. If pictures aren’t being taken take matters into your hands and do it yourself and do it right! If you don’t know how call your account manager and they will be more then happy to help!