Groupon is a relatively young company that has already sparked a great deal of attention even prior to Google’s 5+ Billion dollar offer to acquire the 2 year old company. Groupon’s potential lies in its ability to broadcast deals to thousands of subscribers in a particular market with your offer. The results are 100% measurable too! Because a set number of people must purchase the offer in order for it to become valid you are guaranteed a pre-determined level of success. The beautiful thing is that not only do subscribers to Groupon’s offers get them through subscribing, they also are able to broadcast these offers across all of the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even via email to people they know.

Let’s say that you are willing to sell an Oil Change for $19.95 providing 100 people purchase the offer (Groupon will be able to help you with successful thresholds that work) once the tipping point is reached everyone’s credit card is charged for the purchase amount of the offer and they are emailed the coupon. Groupon then takes their cut and mails you the difference, the customer shows up to your service department with the offer in hand and you now have a new customer and potential new buyer for a new/used car on your lot.

Visit to get more information about how their program works or give us a call at (877) 573-6877 to talk about how new sites like this coupled with Liquid Motors new Social Fuel Marketing can work wonders for your dealership.

Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season!