At Liquid Motors, my role as account manager is to help our dealers be better digital marketers today than they were yesterday. I review their accounts each month and offer recommendations on things I know will help them succeed. I do, from time to time, actually listen to their phone calls to see how they are handling their leads. I am often surprised at some of the things I hear. I realize that an important part of the conversation is getting some contact info so you can reach the customer again, but should that be the first thing you do if someone is calling with a simple question? If I call you and ask what the price of the car is or if it is still available, and before you give me any information, I have to give you my name (and that’s spelled S-A-N (as in Nancy)-D-Y A-D-A-M-S), phone #, alternate phone #, etc., I am not going to be a happy camper. If this is how you are handling your incoming calls, have you ever thought that maybe you have not earned the right to get that info just yet? I bring this point up a lot in my blogs, but you have to think about how you want to be treated and treat others that way. Wouldn’t it seem more appropriate to answer a customer’s question(s), build rapport, and then you have earned the right to get the chance to contact them again?
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