This is a common question I am asked. Are your other dealers still selling cars on eBay? The answer is yes. And not only are they selling the cars they are listing, but they are also using eBay as a lead generator and selling cars they did not list. I believe this is where dealers get caught up. They think they should use eBay to sell one car when they have an opportunity to cross-sell their other inventory. eBay is not different than any other site. Someone is looking for a car, so they go there just like Autotrader,, your website, etc. With eBay, however, the experience is a little different in that someone will not see all your inventory (unless you are on local market). They will only see the vehicles you have on eBay. So you have to be more aggressive and talk to as many customers as possible. If you would like more information on how to accomplish this, please call your account manager. We would be happy to review your listings with you and offer recommendations on how you can maximize your efforts on eBay from how to list your vehicles to how to talk to the eBay customer.