Remember the time when someone told you that the Internet was the way of the future and that you needed a website? How many of us did not believe them? Well we have all heard the stats that 80% or more of your customers are searching the Internet for their next vehicle and one thing is for sure we are all believers now.

Well now it is time for someone to tell you those customers are “mobile shopping” on a MOBILE device and the percentage is rising daily! How extreme are things moving mobile? I was recently traveling and as most of us do I usually check-in and print my boarding pass on a computer. Well I forgot and my ride asked if my flight was on time. I jumped on my Android, went to and in a flash I could see I was on time but WAIT, what is this Mobile Online Check-In. I click the button and a few seconds later I get an email with my Mobile Boarding Pass. Hey this is pretty slick, I walked up to security showed them my phone they scan my phone screen and let me through! Fast, no paper and most importantly exceeded my expectations for speed and convenience.

Think about that for a second, if people are using phones to check-in for flights then how many are shopping for cars? eMarketer published some holiday shopping activities based on mobile phone usage this holiday season:

52% – found a store location
48% – did research on specific products
45% – browsed for products
41% – did comparison shopping
33% – emailed or text someone about their shopping experience
15% – scanned a bar code to get more information about a product

Industry experts all agree that portability is transforming the way people shop. eBay reported that mobile purchases grew 134% in 2010 over the same period in 2009. Shopping related searches on with a mobile device was up over 230% by mid December. To top it all off Experian says 87% of all adults have a mobile phone!

It’s a GOLD RUSH what are we all waiting for! LOL, but seriously I hope by now I have your attention and you are already thinking what do I need to do for my mobile customers. The first thing you must come to grips with is not all mobile sites are created equal. If you are on you primary website with a mobile device chances are you can’t see the text, click the right button or even call the dealership with a simple click. This type of user experience is not going to increase your traffic, sales or exceed customer expectations like American Airlines did with me.

If you are reading this blog and work at a dealership chances are you don’t have a true mobile site. With only 15% of dealerships today having a mobile site you are in a position to impact your market dramatically and quickly.

Here is an example of Ira Mazda of Danvers primary site compared to their mobile site.

mobile website

Now here is their mobile site:

Don’t just look at the difference on this blog screen go on their site with your smartphone and then go on your computer.

I would like to close with a tip for your dealership and your mobile site. If you are a dealership who displays a “featured” car or truck on a ramp on the corner of your lot, make sure it is featured on your mobile website. That is right; customers driving down the road will see that vehicle and the, “Hey that is a cool looking lifted 4×4, I wonder how big that lift is” and out comes the phone. This type of activity is easily tracked with your website analytics so monitor which vehicles draw the most mobile traffic!

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