I had the privilege of attending my first NADA this month in sunny San Francisco. Overall it was a great show and I am so happy I went! One of our goals when speaking with dealers on the floor was to find out what the dealer was currently doing and to find out what their top 3 goals were at NADA that they hoped to gain more knowledge on. We filled out quite a few surveys and here were the top 3 things that dealers said:

1) Social media: They wanted to learn more about it and figure out the best way to implement it at their dealership

2) Service efficiency: From the sounds of it dealers have lots of service business but they are struggling on being efficient and getting the cars in and out.

3) Consolidate/Streamline services: Dealers want to streamline and consolidate their processes and if possible cut back on having multiple vendors and find one vendor that can provide all the services they need.

Dealers were at NADA with a purpose and on a mission to find tools, discover solutions and form partnerships. I’ll break these 3 things down over the next few weeks so stay tuned for more!