This blog I write is coming from a place of frustration. And really, I kinda got my feelings hurt. I can’t believe I had a dealer laugh at me as I encouraged him to make sure he has photos and description notes as soon as possible on his vehicles on his website. He proceeded to tell me that he had sold a few vehicles that month that had neither on his website. Though I know it can happen, and you can sell vehicles without much information, it has been proven you will sell more if you do have the photos and notes. This same dealer also laughed at me as I encouraged him to put all his vehicles on Craigslist. He even told me that his manager approached him after a report I sent out stating he did not have any vehicles on the site, and asked him if he had ever sold a car off Craigslist. When he told the manager no, the manager just said, “I thought so” and dropped the subject. The funny thing is that he is right. He has not sold anything on Craigslist, because he does not have any cars on Craigslist. If there is anyone out there who still believes they cannot sell their vehicles on Craigslist, let me tell you today, they are wrong. That FREE site continues to be a great lead generator for our dealers. Dealers are selling all kinds of vehicles on the site. Even though you may feel that your demographic would not be shopping on Craigslist, you need to know that not only your demographic is shopping in your area. People in other areas search your area too. I can’t tell you how many leads I have seen from customers shopping in Illinois or Nebraska or Florida trying to get a vehicle that a dealer has on Craigslist in Dallas because it is exactly what they are looking for. If you sell one vehicle a month off of Craigslist, then it was well worth the 5 to 10 minutes a day you might spend putting up some vehicles. But from what I have seen, if you continually list all your vehicles on Craigslist, you can sell more than one. And something I know for sure….if you are not there, you won’t sell any off the site. Thanks for letting me vent and getting this off my chest. Now, I can continue my efforts to make another dealer better today than he was yesterday.