I came across an article the other day on Auto Remarketing that claimed that independent dealers have out performed franchise dealers in used vehicle sales for the month of February. According to the article this has not happened since last September. This of course got the wheels in my head spinning. While there are many factors that relate to this outcome one thing that I have noticed recently is that independent dealers are really stepping up their game when it comes to their online marketing efforts. This can be found in the quality of their photos, descriptions of their vehicles, and I am even starting to see more and more independent dealers begin to dominate the major search engines for certain searches. Now back to why my wheels started to spin…for years we have been preaching that the amount of business you receive from your online marketing directly relates to the quality of your photos, visibility of your website on the major search engines and as I have said in a previous blog posting “simply answering your phones” . It is because of these factors that I cannot help but wonder how much of February’s statistics directly relate to independent dealers “out-marketing” their competition.

Let us know what you think….