Recently we held a training on our new wholesale auction posting tool. In case you missed the training, I wanted to cover the high points and invite you to give us a call for a demo. Through the Liquid Motors portal, you now have the ability to post your vehicles to OVE, OpenLane and SmartAuction all in one spot and all at one time. It’s as simple as filling out a condition report and hitting the button to launch the car. Those days of logging into each auction, building your listing, and then launching the vehicle are over. Not only can you launch your vehicles easily, if a vehicle sells on one of the auctions, the listing will be ended on the others. Online auctions have really simplified the way dealers sell their wholesale vehicles, and we have taken it one step further. Again, if you are using OVE, OpenLane and/or SmartAuction, please let us know so we can show you how your job just got easier.

Call us at 877-573-6877 for your demo!