For all of you skeptical dealers out there that think that Facebook is a passing “fad”, I am here to tell you “You are wrong!”

I am sure that most people saw this commercial when it aired during the Super Bowl, or if you were like me, you were at NADA attending the eBay party eating yummy food and sipping on drinks and “watching” the game. Regardless, I missed this commercial, so when I saw it last night I about fell out of bed! The new Chevrolet Cruze now has live Facebook status updates! What???? You literally push a button and the car asks you what you want to do and you say “Live Facebook news feeds” and it will read all of your news feeds to you. How crazy is that? Their tag line is “When the good news just can’t wait!”. I am here to tell you, it can! There are already so many driving distractions and now they go and add one more. So not only will people be driving around texting or talking on their phone, now they can do that AND listen to their Facebook updates!

Is it just me or does it feel like Facebook is taking over the world? I was watching World News with Diane Sawyer the other night and at the end she said something along the lines of “…and don’t forget to visit us on our Facebook page”…..Diane Sawyer, an award-winning journalist, said that. Am I the only one that is kind of scared by this phenomenon? It started out as a way for college kids to stay in touch and see their friends pictures and it has now taken on a life of its own. I like Facebook and all and it has served a great purpose in times of need, such as the Tsunami that recently hit Japan, but where will we draw the line? Clearly not before we have our cars giving us our live Facebook updates while driving.

So, as crazy as it seems at times, and regardless of some of the applications for its use, Facebook is here to stay, folks. If this is the case, why not jump on board and ride the wave??