Facebook has become one of the most powerful social networking tools in history. Businesses are now recognizing the importance of connecting with their customers and potential customers through the social media site in an effort to keep them informed on their latest news and promotions. While it is extremely important to build a large fan base on Facebook for your business, it is more important to build a QUALITY fan base. Lately, I have seen companies pitching to dealers that they will grow their fan base by several thousand fans nearly overnight. These practices are typically based on the same practices that bring those emails everyone loves to see for cheap VIAGRA to their inbox. The real power behind Facebook stems from the fact that people are more likely to buy a good or service based on the recommendation of a friend or even a friend of a friend and Facebook helps facilitate this connection. When people begin to see your network grow with people who clearly have never done business with you their level of trust begins to dwindle. While it is true that global brands such as Coca Cola or BMW’s networks would include fans from all over the world, odds are slim that your local East Texas car dealership would have a huge network of fans from the Far East and even more unlikely that those fans from the Far East will be coming in for an oil change any time soon. Take the time to grow your fan base the right way and you will see increased ROI from your Facebook marketing efforts.