If you subscribe to Dealer Magazine then you may have seen the cover of the March issue spotlighting the Scott Family of Dealerships http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/325d93ed#/325d93ed/1. In the article they talk about how they are using social media, and from the sound of it, they do it all! They mentioned what really sets them apart from everyone else is the blog they started, www.scondablog.com. If you haven’t read their blog yet I urge you to read it immediately! What I love about their blog is how they write about not only what is going on in the dealership but in their community as well. The logo at their dealership is a sailboat. I know it doesn’t sound that exciting but you should see the way they incorporate the sailboat into every aspect of the dealership. The sailboat is on everything from t-shirts, sweatshirts and dresses to license plates, it’s even painted on the top of their building! Yes, they actually painted a sailboat on the top of their Honda store for Google Maps! I know all of this because they blog about it. They also blog about the monthly coloring contest they have, coloring in a sailboat of course, and how the winner is announced every month on the blog. You know how I mentioned the t shirts and sweatshirts with sailboats on them? They took it one step further and have pictures of people wearing the shirts all over the country. Kind of a “Where’s Waldo/Flat Stanley” kind of thing. People take pictures wearing the shirts and submit them and they post them on the blog. They even named it “Sconda Hoodies Across the World”. It doesn’t always have to be about the new model that is coming out or the big sale that is going on that weekend. All of their posts go to show that just because it’s a dealership blog doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!