Training. It’s something that everyone needs but most people don’t want to do. Personally I like training. It gives me a chance to learn something new and stay on top of what’s going on in the industry. I like to know what is new in the market, what is working and what isn’t. Here at Liquid Motors we offer training 2 days a week, every week Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 pm Central. Obviously we have training for new customers but we also offer it to current customers that might need a refresher course or for anyone new at the dealership. To this day I still learn something new at every training! I love it when a customer asks to be on the next training because they want to learn more about the tools that they have and want to maximize their efforts. I love that! I love to hear “I didn’t know I could do that in the system”? Why yes mister dealer you can! You can pretty much do it all and then some. So if your fumbling around the portal with lingering questions as to how to do something call or email your account manager today and sign up for the next training! Or you can email