You may or may not be aware of sites like or where companies send out a special of the day type promotions and site members race to purchase the limited number of those specially priced deals. The Home Depot has a great promotion and by “Like”ing them on their Facebook page you get an opportunity to purchase a great item as they have them on a wide variety of closeout items at huge savings with free shipping. Well move over Groupon and Living Social here come Facebook Deals. You may have already seen the lading page for this new area on Facebook but the New York Times is reporting today that the Facebook Deals has launched service in a test environment in the following cities: Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco. The great thing is these specials will spread via email and the all important News Feed. Facebook will also be adding REAL credits to their program allowing members to build a stock pile of credits for future purchases.

Who is ready to go to New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys! OK seriously so how is this an opportunity? If an oil change is $19.95 on special at your dealership and the true cost of oil, filter, labor is around $7.00 what kind of volume and EXPOSURE would you get if you did a $9.95 oil change? How many people on Facebook would spread the word about your dealership to their friends regarding this great promotion and finally how many of them will “Like” your Facebook page?

All of that to gain “Likes” and positive word of mouth Terry? Heck NO, I ran this exact promotion for all employees of our local school district. Anytime someone came in for the oil change promotion I went out on the service drive to meet them face to face and thank them for taking advantage of the promotion and their dedication to our community and students. WAIT, I also sold no less than 2 cars a month with some months being 10+ just off this promotion. No a huge deal but it made money!

Look for this new opportunity and when it comes to your area take advantage of it. You stand to grow your online and social media efforts exponentially.

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