If you are a regular user on Facebook then you have probably heard about the new feature that they are testing in a few markets called “Deals”. Deals is similar to Groupon and Living Social in that you can subscribe for free to either site and they will send you daily offers in your area for 50% to sometimes 90% off! The catch is that there is a time limit as to how long the offer is available, and in some cases, to get the deal there has to be a certain amount purchased before you get the deal. I LOVE Groupon and Living Social and I buy at least 1 deal a week – if not more! I even think that they read my mind sometimes. The other day I was thinking about how badly we need our carpets cleaned and I logged into Groupon and what do you know…there was an offer for 55% off Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning…bingo! Facebook took notice of the popularity of these sites and is now piloting their Deals in 4 markets – Dallas, Austin, Atlanta and San Diego. Lucky for me, I live in Dallas, so when the message popped up yesterday asking if I wanted to receive daily Deals I immediately replied “yes”! I am always looking for a good deal, especially when it comes to servicing my car. Just yesterday one of my co-workers Googled “oil change” and found a coupon for a $9.95 oil change at a place here in town. Now who knows what kind of oil or filter they are using, but either way, all she cares about is that it only costs her $9.95. I have noticed that some dealerships are taking advantage of Groupon and Living Social and offering discounts on light maintenance services, like oil and filter changes, tire rotations and brake inspections and on other services such as wash and detail. What a great idea! What is the one stigma that still plagues dealership service departments today? That they are too expensive and it will take too long for the service to be performed. Here’s a thought…offer a deep discount on oil and filter change and throw in a multi- point inspection to get people in the door….then sell them on your wonderful customer service! I used to work with service departments and I know for a fact that they are NOT more expensive. In fact, sometimes they are priced the same, if not cheaper, then the Wal-Marts and Firestones of the world. So get them in on a great offer and then show them why they need to keep coming back!