We are certainly in an industry that is ever changing. Just when you think you have a nice computer, it is obsolete tomorrow. The second a new version of a phone rolls out, there is already talk about the release of the next version. Hey, the iPhone can almost take your trash out! We are constantly looking for what’s new and fresh. I have found in my own experience with other things non-technical related, that sometimes newer is not better. Ever heard the phrase, “They just don’t make ‘em like they used to”? This is kinda veering off the path that I intend to take here, but it will give you some idea of my train of thought.

You hear everyday about some new product that is out that is the latest and greatest thing. We all want better, so we are interested. But, we should stop a minute and ask ourselves the question, “is it really time to make a change?” Sometimes what’s best for US is right in front of us already. The real question should be whether or not what you are using is working or not. Try not to get caught up in the wrapper so to speak and look at what the product truly has to offer that YOU need. Before you just run and get the latest trend, consider a few things.

Am I currently using what I have to its fullest potential? If I have not used it effectively, how can I expect it to work properly?
Am I measuring the effectiveness of it? If you do not know where you were, then you will not know how far you have come and probably don’t even know where you are going. We hear all the time, “Inspect what you expect.”
Are the features of the “latest and greatest” something I really intend to use? For example when the George Foreman grill came out, I thought I had to have it, and granted, I used it a lot in the beginning. But as time went on, I realized it was a pain to clean and found other ways of cooking my chicken, so I went back to what already worked before (baking it in the oven or cooking it on the grill outside.) Oh, guess where my Foreman grill is now. It’s buried in the back of a cabinet and will probably go in my next garage sale.
Is there real value ($) in the new feature based on the answers to the questions above?
Do I really like what I already have? Does it work when I need it, and can I get the help I need when it does not?

There are indeed times to consider a change. When you know you have used something as it was intended to use, and it just simply does not meet your needs, then it’s time to start shopping. But before you can say it doesn’t work, you should take a look at your process and evaluate whether or not you were the problem and not the product you were using.

So, for all my digital marketers out there this is really important for you as your options are unlimited. When that next vendor is in your office showing you what they have, if you have done all the above, then you will be better equipped to know if what they are selling you is worth it.