I hear this question all the time, and I answer it with another question, “What do you consider success on eBay?” I find that the answer is typically, “Selling my vehicle on eBay.” I agree that selling your vehicle on eBay is one way of measuring your success, but you should consider this, eBay is just another online site where you market your vehicles. eBay should be thought of as another way to generate leads with the intention of selling any vehicle in your inventory. I am going to explain how this can work with some proven make-sense tips.

First of all, you have to consider the vehicles that you are going to list. Granted, you probably will not have much luck selling those mainstream vehicles that everyone can find in their own market, but listing some of those vehicles that you know are very popular can get you some leads. What you should consider is vehicles that are unique. Under $10k vehicles sell well on eBay, so you should consider some vehicles that you typically would wholesale. Other vehicles to consider are late models with low miles, those with aftermarket adds like lift kits, and those vehicles that are common in your market, but are not common in other markets.

Here is list of the top vehicles sold on eBay in the last 30 days.


Once you have the right inventory, you have to choose a listing style that will generate the most leads, because we all know that you typically talk to an average of 9 people before you find a buyer. This is why I recommend you use a Reserve/No Buy It Now auction and start your bidding very low. Once you have bidders, you have contact information. I get a lot of resistance when I tell a dealer he should start the bidding low. For some reason they do not want someone who is online, shopping for a vehicle, making them a “ridiculous offer” on their vehicle. I will explain in my next point why that is not the best attitude. For some reason, I find that dealers expect a different customer online than they do in their dealership. Hasn’t there always been those customers, even those that visit your dealership, that make you a ridiculous offer? Are you never able to sell those people a vehicle? They are probably driving something, so someone has. It may be how that other dealer handled the customer that made the difference.

That leads me to my third point–how to manage the leads. You have to assume that every bid you get on your vehicle is from a serious buyer, after all they did make a cash offer to purchase your vehicle. Though the bid may be low, you have no idea what their proxy bid is. You may be looking for $20k on a vehicle, received a $1500 bid, but the proxy bid is actually $15k. This bidder only has $15k to spend, so they are hopeful. But, it is your job, to communicate with that person to find out what they are thinking, what they are needing, and then cross-selling them on another vehicle in your inventory that better suits their needs and their budget. Yes, you will encounter those people that are not realistic, but if you think everyone who bids low on your vehicles is not a buyer, you will miss opportunities. I was asking one of my dealers recently if he was having much luck on eBay, and he told me that he was not selling any cars that he was listing, but because he started calling all the bidders, he was actually able to sell other vehicles. He knew what he should be doing all along, but he made an assumption in the beginning that these low bidders were not buyers.

It all comes down to what makes sense. The right inventory, the listing style you choose, and the way you handle your leads can all determine your success on eBay. I do not believe that anything I have mentioned in this blog is a revelation. It is really just common sense, and I believe that anyone who takes this approach with eBay, will be successful. The reason I believe it is because I work with many dealers that are selling cars on eBay. Just remember, too, that if you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. If you are not selling any vehicles on eBay, why not try the above. Who knows, you might sell a car or ten.

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