I know, I know, you are tired of your Internet marketing vendor telling you “Your dealership really needs a blog!”. You’re probably still trying to grasp the whole social media trend, and getting your head wrapped around Facebook and Twitter.

Well, in all honesty, and I am sorry about this, but…..your dealership DOES need a blog!

Your dealership has a website, right? A sharp, spiffy website that hopefully you are very proud of. Well, a nicely-done blog does 2 very important things for that sharp website of yours.
1. It makes it easy to add and update content, so there is always something fresh and interesting on the site.
2. It helps establish a relationship with visitors, which are potential customers, and build a climate of trust with them.

Yes, a blog does require some commitment, but it isn’t nearly as big-and-bad as most of you make it out to be. I will give you the “blogging basics” of what is required of you and hopefully you’ll realize that yes, in fact, a blog on your site would not only be do-able, but a benefit to your dealership.

Post to Your Blog Regularly
Blog search engines value consistency and rank fresh content over older content. The search engines will find you based upon your content and users will come to your blog and read what you have to say when they begin to pick up your posts on a regular basis. People will only continue to visit your blog if they get something new every time they visit your site, so reel them in!

Post on Other People’s Blogs Regularly
You need to get out on the Internet and find related automotive blogs and forums, read these posts and make interesting and intelligent comments. Make sure you link back to your own site, or better yet, directly to relevant articles on your own site. This builds the association between your blog and the other blogs in the automotive field. The more you comment on blogs, the more people will notice you.

Share Your Content
Share your blog across your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Help your audience share your content as easily and quickly as possible by including the social sharing buttons, “like”, “share” and “add this”, on your blog post pages. Include your blog URL in your email signature and on your business cards. Get your dealership
blog out there!

Make the Search Engines Aware of Your Blog
Registering with the top blog search engines and blog directories will help get your dealership’s blog noticed in the right places. This is as easy as visiting the websites and filling out the forms. Some of the major directories to register on include Technorati, BlogCatalog, BlogHub and Globe of Blogs. Some important blog search engines to be noticed on include Google Blog Search, Digg, StumbleUpon and Bing. There are countless more that you will want to register your blog with, they are simply a Google search away!

Set up an RSS
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format designed to share headlines and stories from your favorite websites. The best way to create an RSS feed is to use a blogging program (such as Blogger, Movable Type or WordPress, which is what Liquid Motors uses) to automatically create the headlines, links and descriptions and the HTML for you. In order to receive RSS feeds, you subscribe to the websites from which you want to receive content. When those websites update their site, the info will be delivered automatically to your RSS reader (Google Reader, NetVibes and Bloglines are a few) and by clicking the headline link you will get the full article. The bottom line about RSS is that it adds to the places your blog can be listed and found, which means more traffic for your site.

Now, be patient! With persistence and good, solid content on your blog, you will build your online brand and pick up leads, which will eventually lead to customers and profit.
Your blog is the gateway in promoting YOUR dealership and YOUR inventory. It is an incredible tool for sharing information and expertise….so, sorry, but……

Your dealership really needs a blog!