Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, or maybe it’s just me, but I am an “urgent” person. When I want something done, I want it done at that very moment. When I ask my husband to take out the trash, I mean for him to take it out NOW please, not 2 minutes from now and certainly not 2 hours from now! So when I tell a dealer that their website is down and I contact their IT person and he says, “I will look at it tonight when I get home”, you can imagine my frustration! I have another dealer that has absolutely 0 pictures of any of his vehicles on their website. Yes, you read that correct, ZERO! When I talked to him about it he said, “The guys here have no real sense of urgency”, and he would get them uploaded when he could. REALLY? And there is more, I have dealers with no notes on any of their vehicles, websites without coupons, cars without prices and the list goes on…. To me these are all urgent matters!

My goal, as an Account Manager, is to make dealers better tomorrow then they were today, and I try my hardest to do just that. We reach out to our dealers via phone and email every single day and send out monthly reports with recommendations on areas that could use improvement based on industry standards, as well as from what we see is working well for other dealers. So, I am sure you can understand, it can get a bit disheartening when we try our hardest to stay on top of our accounts and notify our dealers when something looks incorrect – only to get a response from them that is less then interested. I mean, where is the sense of urgency? Are these things not important to a dealer? Why wouldn’t you want your website to be working, or have pictures on your vehicles or prices on your cars? How are they making money? I just don’t get it!