With the recent launch and the automatic enabling of facebook’s facial recognition on your facebook account you may want to opt out.

Here is how the application works:

1. Friend uploads a picture to their facebook account with you in it.
2. The software recognizes your face
3. Then suggests to your friend to tag you in the photo

So for those of us who don’t want to be tagged automatically here is what you need to do.


1. Select “Account” from the top right menu on your facebook page

2. Go to “Privacy Settings”

3. Choose “customize settings”

4. Scroll down to the “things others share” it is the second section. Click Edit Settings for “suggest photos of me to friends”

5. Then you will see a toggle that is either “enable” or “disable” set to “disable to turn off and click OKAY

You should always take time to monitor any changes to your social media sites policies and privacy changes as well as all new applications that are added especially those that are default ENABLED.

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