Today I am reaching out to YOU, the dealer, for interesting blog content. What do you want to read? What interests you? What questions do you have? How can I, or Liquid Motors, help you? I am always trying to give you the best suggestions to make your business even better…how to take better pictures, how to write captivating notes, how to optimize your website….and I will continue to write this type of blog, because until I see 100% of my dealers doing 100% of what is suggested, there is still work to do! However, I want your input as well! What do you want to improve upon? Where do you want to see change? Or, how about letting me (us!) know what suggestions YOU have? What have you done that made a difference in your website traffic or Internet leads or sales? There is nothing that makes me happier, as I sit here in my cubicle gazing upon the computer screen, then to see a dealer that has implemented one of our suggestions….and to see it is making a positive impact on their dealership! Talk about SATISFACTION!