I think everyone will agree that it is important to use 800 tracking #’s for any advertising you do. This will ensure that you know what efforts are working and which are not. This is handy information when trying to decide where to allocate your advertising dollars. In addition, having 800 #’s that can easily be forwarded to different #’s can help you in a situation where there is turnover and a # needs to be changed quickly. I cannot tell you how many times we see where a cell phone # is being used in advertising and the person who owns it leaves the dealership. Now, there are vehicles being marketed online with a contact # to someone no longer at the dealership! How convenient would it be to just flip the switch and transfer an 800 # to the new contact at the dealership?

If you are already using tracking #’s be sure to call and check them monthly to make sure they are working and ringing to the appropriate person. I think sometimes we take for granted that if there is no change in the forwarding of the #’s that they are simply working. You should consider having a list of all your 800 #’s in the hands of your receptionist, or someone at the dealership, and have him/her call them on a monthly basis to verify.