Where are your pictures? I hate stock photos! I read a blog recently about whether or not it is beneficial to have new car photos online. It wasn’t the article itself that really struck a cord with me, but it was some comments that were made to the blog.

We know it is very important to have photos for your used vehicles. You want to build value and piece of mind that the vehicle is nice and clean. The photos also show all the bells and whistles which is great for building value. But, the idea of having photos for new vehicles has not caught on quite as well. In this day and age, I am still surprised to see so many dealerships not buying into the “new car photos” hype. For some reason they must believe that their cars are new and therefore customers are not interested in seeing them. That can be the only reason I would think as to why they would not want to show them. Heck, new cars sell themselves, right?

Going back to the comments to the blog I mentioned a second ago, the point was brought up that you do not take photos trying to get someone to buy the car, but you want to take photos to get them to buy it from YOU. He mentioned too that having an actual photo shows the person looking at your vehicle that you do actually have that car in stock. Sometimes I tend to look at the big picture and do not take the time to focus in, but this guy was exactly right to his point about why you should have pictures. Have you looked at new vehicles on a website lately and the info you are given. I know that if you do not give those vehicles the “personal touch”, ie. add the actual options in notes that the vehicle has, there can be some confusion as the vin explosion info only gives all the features that the vehicle COULD have had when manufactured. But this in no way tells someone what yours really has. Having actual photos clears up the confusion and lets the shopper see the features.

I personally think my online shopping habits cannot be too far from the norm, and I know personally that if I cannot see it, I am not interested. Now, I am an impulse buyer so, as I shop online, I want what I want NOW in most cases. Or at least I am trying to make some kind of decision to purchase at that moment whether I pull the trigger or not. If I am not given enough info to make a decision, I’ve got to move on. If you have the luxury of having someone hit your listing (because you have spent a ton of money and effort working on your SEO), then why not give yourself every opportunity to make the sale.