What would you think if you opened a mailer from a local dealership and you saw an offer for the new 2012 Chevrolet Malibu along with an offer for a discount on a haircut?? Would that seem strange to you? For most yes but for people that live in the Dallas area, specifically the suburb of McKinney might not. Why you ask? Because El Dorado Motors not only offers service to keep your vehicle in tip top shape but they also offer services to keep YOU, the customer looking your best. I saw this story yesterday and thought, “What a great idea!”. I love it when a dealership thinks outside of the box and offers their customers something other then the norm. I used to work with a dealer that offered pedicures in the service department so customers could get a pedicure while they waited on their car getting serviced. Another great idea! Its little things like these that make a dealer stand out. What can you do different to stand out??