I have been asked a lot lately, “do I need a mobile website?” I don’t need to tell you how our mobile devices have become one of the main ways we communicate, surf the net, manage our Facebook accounts, and do our jobs. You are probably reading this blog from your phone. So, you might think that you need a site that is designed to be navigated easily via a mobile device. When I am approached with the question, I recommend the following to help you decide whether or not you should invest in a mobile website. You should take a look at your website analytics first. The analytics are important as you can see how many visitors are coming to your website, how they are getting there, what is their behavior on the site, and even how long they are hanging out. There is even an area to see how much mobile traffic you are receiving. If you are seeing 10% to 15% of your traffic from mobile devices, you should start to consider it’s time to make the investment. You definitely do not want to make a decision based on the fact that everyone is doing it, so you want to jump on the bandwagon. It may be better to reallocate those resources that can yield a better result elsewhere until which time your traffic does increase from mobile devices. If you are seeing that the traffic is low and decide not to invest in the site, be sure to check your analytics regularly to reevaluate.

Mobile websites can definitely enhance a shopper’s experience. A mobile site has most of the functions of a normal website but is formatted with a better view from the mobile device. Even though Oprah tells us not to do it, people are still driving and using their phones. Maybe they are just browsing while stuck in traffic or while at a red light, but having a mobile website can help them get where they want to go quicker and easier so less time is spent looking at the phone and more time on the road. Not only that, we are browsing the Internet via our phones while waiting in lines, sitting on our couches watching tv, at dinner, sporting events, you name it. We are always on our phones. What your main concern should be is the experience someone has on your website regardless of how they got there. Can they find what they want, and can they contact you to get it?