eBay is still a great place to sell your vehicles. At this moment there are just under 54,000 vehicles listed there. What should you do to maximize your efforts to be successful on eBay? Below are a few tips to consider:
1. Picking the right vehicles. What are the right vehicles? The answer is simple – any vehicle. I’ll explain in a subsequent tip.

2. Properly showcase your vehicles.
a. Photos: eBay will tell you the more photos, the better. 40+ photos gives you a 75% higher chance of success than having less than 40 photos. Obviously, lots of photos are key. Be sure to take pictures of any issues the vehicle has including small dents and paint scratches. The more you tell someone about the vehicle, the more trust you will build. Let’s face it…buying a car you can see can be scary…buying one sight unseen is very scary.
b. Description notes: The more you tell, the more you sell. Again, build that bidder trust with good description notes describing the qualities of the vehicle including any issues. A good way to earn BAD feedback is to not describe a vehicle properly and have someone fly in to drive it home or have it delivered to them, and it is not what they expected. Disclose everything!
c. Customize your title: eBay gives you an additional 55 characters for a subtitle to include key search terms shoppers may use to find your vehicle. You should use every space. The default search on eBay is the title, so this is important. If you have space left over after the key search terms, include things like one owner, clean Carfax, certified, etc. to draw attention to your listing and to help justify price. Before listing your vehicle, go to eBay and see what your competition is doing. Then do BETTER.

3. Choose your listing type (auction, fixed price, etc.): Here’s the tip I mentioned in tip #1. Consider eBay just another site where you market. What you want is someone to contact you about the vehicle they see, and if it turns out that it is not the vehicle for them, cross-sell them on something else. All kinds of vehicles sell on eBay, so it does not matter what you list. eBay shoppers are not any different than any other shopper. They certainly will attempt to get a deal that makes sense since they will probably incur some extra costs in order to get the vehicle if they are not local, but they are JUST shoppers. Speak to every customer with the intent of selling them A vehicle. When customers walk on your showroom floor interested in a vehicle you do not have, you do not simply say, “Good luck”. You actually find out why they are wanting that particular vehicle so you can determine what you have that may work just as well if not better. We know a large percentage of people end up buying a different vehicle than the one they initially inquired about. To use eBay as a lead generator, you should try a RESERVE/NO BUY IT NOW auction and start your bidding low. Yes, $100 low. Bids on your listings help you more than you think. When someone bids, you do get their contact information so you can do that cross-selling I mentioned if you need to. But, also, the more bids you get, the quicker you get better placement on eBay. There are several factors that dictate your placement, and bids are one of them. Take advantage of this. Keep in mind if you are doing a fixed price listing, you are probably only going to get the opportunity to sell that one vehicle. If someone sees your price and you are out of their range, they are not even going to give you a shot. What they do not know is you may have a vehicle that is similar but cheaper that they could consider. The average hits on an eBay listing are 350 so if you are not seeing this #, you are missing opportunities.

4. Create some sense of urgency: Consider a 5 or 7 day length for your listings. This will let buyers who are very interested know that they must act fast or they could miss out. Also, include some verbiage in your listings that the vehicle is available for sale locally, and the auction could end early if sold. Let them know as well, that you are willing to add a “buy it now” at any time and end the auction early. This will let those people who do not want to wait and do not like the bidding game know that they can buy at any time.

5. Call all bidders: If you are not going to work every lead you get on eBay, you should not do eBay. You are spending a minimum of $50 per listing, so you should maximize your efforts. Again, it’s the cross-selling that you will find aids in your success. Also, respond to all inquiries, ie. questions and emails as quickly as possible.

I hope you find these tips helpful. I cannot tell you how many times I have been called and thanked for the advice above because a dealership is increasing sales due to eBay. I have been told more than once that dealers are finding that their success is because of eBay but not necessarily on eBay as they are cross-selling potential customers when necessary. When you think about it, the above just makes sense and when we do what makes sense, success will come.

Good luck and happy eBaying!!