Being in sales, I call on dealers and customers everyday. I am often amazed at the turnover in personnel that takes place at a dealership. This seems especially true when it comes to the Internet department.

What I have found in many cases, is a store’s current initiatives rest on the person currently in charge. What happens when your Internet Manager decides to move to another store or gets promoted to a new position at the dealership? If your digital marketing processes are not clearly defined, you will find yourself scrambling to try and put back together all of the pieces.

In my opinion, a sound Internet department should run in some ways like the military. I’ve heard from a few good friends who have served and moved up in the ranks, that the man below you should always know how to do your job, and how to do it well. This basic philosophy ensures that the next person in command can hit the ground running without any downtime should any situation arise that calls on them to fill the position.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to take an inventory of all of the systems that you have in place that relate to your digital marketing. This can include inventory management systems, data distribution partners, website providers, lot service companies, pricing and appraisal systems, third party advertising sites, and more. I have seen stores, in many cases, using up to 4-5 different providers to accomplish what they could with just one company. By consolidating vendors and working with one company you will not only reduce the amount of time spent training employees on multiple systems but you will also help streamline your processes, speed your time to market, and be better prepared should any changes arise at your store or group.

I know that this seems pretty basic in nature, but once you step back and look at the big picture, you will be amazed at how many loose ends you will be able to tie up!