If you weren’t able to get on our eBay advanced training, hosted by the wonderful George Hatch, today then you missed out! But you are lucky because I took notes and here were the highlights.

* The click experience equals the brick experience!
-Every page view=a buyer walking your lot
-Every bid=a serious buyer looking to make a deal

* Traditional Retail eBay/Internet
1) Meet/greet 1) Online 1st Impression
2) Lot Walk 2) Virtual Showroom
3) 6 Position 3) Virtual Walk Around
4) Test Drive 4) Virtual Test Drive
5) Resale 5) Messages/Question
6) Trial Close 6) Bid/Offer

* How to create the best notes: 5 steps

Paragraph #1-What is the vehicle? Make, model, year, mileage, condition
Paragraph #2-Why is this vehicle special? Options, warrant, VHR
Paragraph #3-Price support-Low reserve, price, special financing
Paragraph #4 Who are you and how do I reach you? Name, phone number and photo
Paragraph #5-About you-About the dealership; why buy from you?

* Subtitles are one of the best ways to improve your search results. Use ALL 80 characters-key search terms, major options

It was a great training! We help our dealers on a daily basis on eBay and no matter how many times I train someone I still learn something new every time. If you have any questions about eBay or maybe you have never done eBay and you are ready to try it out call your account manager today, we are here to help!