I was skimming through the October 2011 issue of Auto Success and I came across an article, on page 32, that talks about mining your own data and how a dealer is sitting on a gold mine. Think about it, instead of spending thousands of dollars on print ads and mailers to new prospects why not dig into your own database and market to current customers that have purchased from you and service their car with you? Clearly they are already coming to you so you need to take advantage of that. If you want to spend money on a mailer then spend it on a in-equity letter that you can mail out to all of your current customers that you have a much better chance of getting into a new car then someone that has never stepped foot on your lot. Also use the service department to your advantage. When someone drives into the service department take a minute to look and see how much that customer has in their car or better yet have that info ready before they even get there, if they have an appointment already scheduled, and have a sales associate on hand to talk to them about what their options are. These are just examples and there are a million different ways to mine your data but don’t miss out on great, and easy, way to gain some more sales.