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With Thanksgiving around the corner I wanted to use this chance to blog about how thankful I am to work with such an amazing staff here at Liquid Motors. I am often asked by potential customers what differentiates Liquid Motors from all of the other providers in the marketplace and my number one answer is that the support our company provides our stores is unsurpassed by anyone. It is this simple fact that allows me to go out and sell our products and services and know that I can 100% backup everything that I promise. So with this in mind I’d like to wish the staff here at Liquid Motors and all of our customers a Happy Thanksgiving.


For those dealership’s with a Twitter account, I am sure you have fallen victim to the “What do I post now?!” blues. No need to fret, it happens to the best of the Tweeters out there. Sometimes it is difficult (at times, impossible!) to come up with anything unique and interesting to tweet. As a dependable back-up, we share links to articles we’ve read, along with the article headline, and call it a day.

Sound familiar? UH OH! Unfortunately, making this a routine practice can lead to heavy-lidded Twitter followers that have a tendency to nod off while reading your ho-hum tweets. Fight off the potential threat of link boredom by mixing up your Twitter strategy and not simply linking to someone else’s content.

Tweet questions – People love sharing their thoughts and ideas, and asking a question is a great way to get a response from your followers. Make it personal for them, ask what their first ride was, or something nostalgic for them to respond to.

Tweet tips – People love anything that can make their lives easier. Followers will appreciate (and hopefully re-tweet) automotive tips, as well as household, family, travel, cooking tips…and more.

Tweet opinions – Don’t be timid, tweet your opinion on everything from current world events to local community gatherings. The sky is the limit, with no need to fear the “What do I post now?!” blues.

You get the idea here, just mix things up a bit and you will be rewarded with an engaging Twitter presence and tweets worthy of being shared!

Last week one of the Internet managers I work with called to make sure his inventory exports to the sites where he markets were going out properly, because his leads were down. Though that could be a possible reason why the leads were down (and I verified it wasn’t), there is so much more involved in lead generation than just having your vehicles online. The competition is stiff out there, so you better be on top of your game if you want your fair share of the pie. We’ve all heard it before, and I have certainly tried to beat it into my dealers’ heads, but you have got to show your shoppers why you are the one they should buy from. Aside from SEO (let’s just assume they got to your site – your website analytics will tell you if they did), showcasing your merchandise is so important. You can have the best SEO’d site, but if your site is not user friendly or your vehicles are not updated, shoppers will leave. I know, I am a shopper, and I’m gonna leave.

Going back to leads being down, if the shoppers are not shopping, there is not much you can do about that, but when they are shopping, and you have been fortunate enough for them to have chosen to see what you have, make sure you are giving them what they seek. We’ve said it over and over, 30+ pictures is a good number to give a decent walk around description of your vehicle. When taking the photos, act like you have the customer right there on the lot and you are walking around showing them how clean and nice the vehicle is. Build value for the car. Once they are done looking over the photos, shoppers will look to see what you have said about the car. Again, talk to them like you would if they are physically at the dealership. “This is a nice one owner vehicle just traded here at Liquid Motors. It comes with leather, navigation, and a sunroof. It is a non smoker and compares to the Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, and Nissan Altima. This car drives great and won’t last. Please call me today for a test drive.” How hard is that? Apparently some think it is hard, because not all dealerships are telling shoppers why they should buy from them. Why should you expect they would if you are not even taking the time to tell them how excited you are to offer them such a nice vehicle? If you don’t care, they probably won’t either.

If you happen to be one of those dealers that does a great job with merchandising your inventory and are seeing a decline in leads, it may be a good time, to go to all the sites where you market and send some test leads. It never hurts to make sure you are getting the leads. Also, ask yourself if you are taking advantage of any free advertising. The main site that comes to mind is Craigslist. If you are not posting to Craigslist, you are missing leads. Try posting without price. Your phone will ring.

I feel like a broken record sometimes as I blog about these basics that should be a normal part of Internet advertising, but until I see that my dealers are all on top of it, I’m gonna nag. And remember, if you are not seeing the results you are expecting, it could be your fault. Check your process and reevaluate if necessary.

It seems like every few months something becomes the “buzz” and lately QR or Quick Response codes seem to be the leader. I get tons of questions, ideas and request from dealers to make sure they are implementing QR codes correctly.

There are endless ways to utilize QR codes in your marketing efforts that make perfect sense. Example you’re reading this blog and you have an interest in using QR codes in your efforts and want more information from Liquid Motors well I just happen to have the perfect code for you to scan:

Or maybe you want to get the coolest application for Facebook then again here is the perfect code:

Now that you have an idea on some basic uses for QR codes let me give you a scenario that is happening everyday and is the wrong way to use this technology.

Billy who on his way home from a long day at the job site saw a truck that caught his eye and quickly pulls off the service road to take a quick look. As a window shopper on your lot after business hours the only immediate information Billy can get is what he can see on the truck and window sticker/buyers guide details. Billy likes what he sees about the truck and since you do not print the price on your window stickers he is curious if it is in his price range and what other features are on the vehicle. More importantly he wants to show his wife the truck as soon as he gets home.

So let’s assume you are using QR codes technology how would you use it?

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Billy scans the QR code on his phone excited to see more information he needs to make his decision and to his surprise he is directed to the home page of your dealer site. How many of you have been on your main web site on your phone? Most are virtually impossible to navigate or even read. Bottom line if you’re moving into the mobile marketing arena you better get a mobile web site. Yes this is the answer to question 3 of the survey, the specific vehicle details page on your mobile site is exactly where you want the customer to be taken too. Billy can now see the Internet price and all the details and pictures of the vehicle and is ready to run home and show his wife.

How is this possible you may ask? Having a web site that has vehicle specific URL’s that are in a format that is link friendly is critical to getting this type of behavior. If your web site company has told you that you can only direct a customer to your home page or any other static page you now know why. This is a very bad practice and you are better off not having the code on the car in the first place, why? Imagine you are standing at the truck like Billy is, you scan a code that does not take you to more information is takes you further away from the vehicle of interest. It would almost be like having every page on your web site re-direct every visitor to the home page before they could start searching, it just makes no sense.

Here is an example of a code that is not using a mobile site:

Now scan this vehicle that is using a mobile site:

Another area of questions revolves around where do I put my QR code? This is very easy to answer. Just don’t put them on your Buyers Guides! This is a federal document and the QR code may become part of the Buyers Guide if added to it. If you want to have these on your Buyers Guides I would recommend you talk to an attorney in your state regarding compliance.

QR codes can be a nice addition to your marketing efforts just remember the my #1 rule before you do anything, “Think like a consumer not a car dealer.” If it makes sense to consumers you will see the benefits.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of the Liquid Motors blogs, Facebook and Twitter postings we truly appreciate it and hope you are all getting something from them. Please post your comments and share away!

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